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Sky track rehabilitation suspension gait training equipment

The main component of sky rail rehabilitation suspension gait training equipment is the weight reduction device, and the weight reduction device (electric) mainly includes fixed support frame, weight reduction console, electric lifting rod, weight reduction sling and so on.

Medical shifter,Nursing shift machine products

The nursing shift machine product can realize the safe transfer of patients with paralysis, leg and foot injury or the elderly between beds, wheelchairs, seats and toilets.

Basic introduction of product model of electric shifter

The electric shifter is designed for short-distance movement of patients in families, hospitals, sanatoriums and other hospitals. It is a multi-functional mobile lifting equipment.

Introduction of displacement machine for disabled elderly

The carrying and shifting machine for the disabled elderly is a professional mobile auxiliary equipment used in the care of the disabled elderly, which can reduce the amount of nursing labor of nursing workers and improve the quality of life of the elderly. It is an auxiliary equipment belonging to medical device products.

Notes on some matters of shifter products

The shifter is mainly used to move people who are inconvenient to move from one position to another, making nursing work more convenient, efficient, safe and comfortable. It is also a common auxiliary nursing equipment for nursing disabled personnel. The following is a description of the shifter products:

Safety inspection of electric shifter before delivery

Electric shifter is a nursing device to help disabled people move without obstacles. It is used for short-distance displacement, weighing, walking practice of rehabilitated patients, etc. Such as helping disabled people go to the toilet, helping disabled people get on and off the bed, helping disabled people bathe and wash their hair, helping disabled people transfer to wheelchairs, helping disabled people get on and off the bus and so on

Rehabilitation track-Skyrail weight reduction walking training system

The rehabilitation sky track is mainly aimed at patients who need early rehabilitation training but can't go down to the ground with weight. During the training process, the function of weight reduction.

Transporter (shifter) – Flat shifting tool

Generally, in the clinical intensive care unit of the hospital, there are usually some critically ill people. Most of these people can't move independently or casually. Even if such people need to move in the later stage, they pay great attention to the method of moving, and if they don't use mobile tools, it doesn't mean that only one person can complete it.

Household displacement machine for bedridden elderly

Without manual lifting outdoors, users can be easily transferred from wheelchairs to motor vehicles (various SUV, MPV models and various car models) to facilitate timely medical treatment and driving travel of family members.

Nursing shift aids for the elderly,Nursing shift machine

The nursing shift aids for the elderly can assist the rehabilitation of injured patients, compensate the nursing ability of nurses, and compensate the environmental facilities of the elderly and the disabled.

Shifter-Multifunctional elderly nursing displacement machine

The displacement machine is a professional mobile auxiliary equipment used in the care of the disabled elderly, which can greatly reduce the work intensity and safety risk of nursing workers and nannies in the process of caring for the disabled and semi disabled elderly, and improve the quality and efficiency of care. The multi-functional displacement machine can also give the disabled elderly a dignified old life and keep the disabled from becoming abnormal.

Life application of displacement machine for the elderly

The displacement function of the home paralyzed elderly enables the disabled elderly to move barrier free in the hospital bed, toilet, living room, outdoor and other places, which greatly reduces the work intensity of nurses and their families and improves the nursing efficiency.
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