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Ceiling Lift Shift Rehabilitation Training Method

Ceiling Lift Shift Rehabilitation method is training me […]

12月 12, 2022
BY admin
Ceiling Lift shift system

Ceiling Lift Shift Rehabilitation method is training method for weight loss of gait, it is also one of the rehabilitation treatment methods that has received much attention in recent years.Its principle is based on the reorganization of brain function and the plasticity of nervous system,And then on the basis of the development of new rehabilitation training methods,It need to match the Ceiling Lift shifter system.

The Ceiling Lift shift system is used to bear part of the patient's body weight, so that the patient can walk with independent gait within a certain bearing range, so as to stimulate the patient's spinal cord walking generator and the walking center of the brain, and activate the activity of the sensory and motor areas of the affected brain hemispheres, which can effectively avoid the misuse syndrome caused by early dragging training, namely hemiplegic gait.

Ceiling Lift Shift‘s ’Track and Hanger

The main types of Ceiling Lift shifter system are suspension rope lifting control, that is, the track does not move, and the sling and hanger by the nose control lifting, can move up and down. Training can be according to the needs of patients, using the ground walking or running table walking. General training 30-50min each time, 3-5 times a week, continuous 8-12 weeks, general patients and therapists can only adhere to 30min training, due to fatigue after training, some patients can train on alternate days.


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