Household Nursing Shift Machine

Shift the bed,Get in and out of the wheelchair,Change the bed sheet,Take a bath in the toilet and take care of the skin.

It can transfer disabled people in a short distance,improve nursing efficiency,reduce nursing risk and reduce the incidence of complications of bedridden patients.


What are the complications of bedridden patients?

Being bedridden for a long time, the function of the body will gradually decline due to inactivity, and lesions may occur in each system. The most common complications include the following aspects:

✔ Pressure sore

✔ Joint stiffness

✔ Accumulated pneumonia

✔ Skeletal muscle atrophy

✔ Mental disorder

✔ septicemia

✔ Oral gingivitis

✔ urinary tract infection

✔ Gastrointestinal dysfunction

✔ Decreased digestive function

How do bedridden patients prevent pressure sores?

Long term bedridden patients not only seriously affect the quality of life, but also are prone to a variety of complications due to the extremely slow functional recovery of the nervous system. The root of preventing bedridden complications lies in careful nursing, turning over, sorting out, observing and promoting blood circulation.


The harm of pressure sore to bedridden patients?

Pressure sore has the characteristics of high incidence rate, rapid development of the disease, difficult to cure and relapse in clinic. The long term treatment of pressure ulcer is very easy to cause a series of complications such as sepsis, sepsis, osteomyelitis, and so on, which directly accelerates the death of patients.


How to use the shift machine for home care?

The shifter can transfer disabled people in a short distance. It is mainly used to move disabled people and bedridden patients from one position to another, making nursing work more convenient, efficient, safe and comfortable.As follows:


✔ Assist to get up:Use the shifter to help get up and reduce the occurrence of bedsore.


✔ Over bed displacement:Using the shifter, one person can complete the position movement.


✔ Up and down wheelchairs:By using the shifter, the lying patient can be lifted and placed on the wheelchair.


✔ Toileting and bathing:The shift machine can reach the toilet and bathroom for toilet bathing.

Shift Machine Home Care
Reduce the burden of nursing work

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