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The current situation of severe patient displacement?

The transfer machine for critically ill patients, also known as the lying down transfer machine, is a kind of transfer medical device to solve the current situation of the transfer of critically ill patients.

The harm of pressure sore to bedridden patients?

Pressure ulcer is not a disease, but a serious complication secondary to some diseases. The deep development of pressure ulcer and pressure ulcer can involve periosteum and even bone, causing focal periostitis or osteomyelitis.

How do bedridden patients prevent pressure sores?

Long term bedridden patients not only seriously affect the quality of life, but also are prone to a variety of complications due to the extremely slow functional recovery of the nervous system. The root of preventing bedridden complications lies in careful nursing, turning over, sorting out, observing and promoting blood circulation.

What are the dietary taboos for the elderly in bed?

What are the dietary taboos for the elderly in bed?Dietary taboos:1. Fried food. Such as fried dough sticks, oil cakes, etc.2. Frozen dessert food, such as ice cream, ice cream, etc.3. Fat and animal viscera, etc. Such as pig liver, fat meat, etc.

Common misunderstandings in nursing bedridden patients?

The elderly can't get out of bed all year round. In order to honor the elderly, their children feed and push wheelchairs so that the elderly don't have to do anything. They hope to take meticulous care to make the elderly recover as soon as possible.

Diet of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients?

Introduction: many people suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Once this disease occurs, it will have a great impact on people's life, so daily prevention is very important, and diet needs to pay special attention to some taboos:

How to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases?

Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are called cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. They are mainly ischemic or hemorrhagic diseases in the heart, brain and tissues all over the body. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have seriously threatened human health, especially the elderly over the age of 50 often suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Pressure ulcer nursing of critically ill patients?

For long-term bedridden paralyzed patients or disabled patients, the prevention of pressure ulcer is very important, and regular turning over is one of the economic and effective decompression measures, and is suitable for most patients.

What chronic diseases are the elderly prone to?

With the increase of age, the physical mechanism will decline, and the functions of organs, blood vessels and muscles will gradually decline. Therefore, compared with young people, the elderly are more likely to be targeted by various chronic diseases. There are many kinds of chronic diseases that the elderly are prone to. Here are some common chronic diseases:
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