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Medical shifter,Nursing shift machine products

The nursing shift machine product can realize the safe transfer of patients with paralysis, leg and foot injury or the elderly between beds, wheelchairs, seats and toilets.

2月 06, 2022
BY admin

The factory visited the nurses who worked for several years in the hospital ICU, and often received some patients suffering from diabetes and cerebral hemorrhage hemiplegia. There were different degrees of pressure sores on the shoulders and back of the physical examination, and even the gangrene of the lower extremities. The old man is paralyzed in bed and can't be accompanied by someone from time to time. If everyone is busy, the old man will wade on the bed alone and can't deal with urination and defecation in time. The quality of life is quite poor, and he feels forgotten and lost.

Nursing shift machine products,Medical shifter

Everyone is likely to get sick and everyone will grow old. The care of seriously ill patients and the elderly is a big topic. Baihaohui factory has seen that the nursing work in the hospital is done very well abroad. The elderly and patients with inconvenient activities bathe with the help of nursing staff every day. The nursing staff first filled the bathtub with hot water with appropriate temperature, and then put them into the bathtub to soak, put on the bath liquid, gently scrub every part of them with a soft sponge, and then rinse them clean. After washing, then lift the patient or the old man to the nursing bed covered with a thick bath towel and wipe the water off his body. If it's in summer, put on talcum powder. If it's in winter, put on skin cream. Put on your clothes and return to the hospital bed. In China, such services are not available to the vast majority of patients. Such services require considerable human and material investment, which is difficult for domestic hospitals or homes for the elderly.

According to the clinical demand application data, in the past few years, Guangzhou baihaohui Medical Technology Co., Ltd., which focuses on the rehabilitation and elderly care industry, has developed and produced medical displacement machine nursing displacement machine products. This product can realize the safe transfer of patients with paralysis, leg and foot injury or the elderly between beds, wheel chairs, seats and toilets, and greatly reduce the work intensity of nursing staff, It improves the nursing efficiency and reduces the nursing risk.

When preparing to take a bath, the nursing staff spread the spreader of the shift machine under the bedridden patient's body, then hang it on the hook of the shift machine, lift the patient with the shift machine, and push the patient to the bathtub with adjusted water temperature to take a bath. You can also take a shower or wash your hair, so that the elderly or patients can take a refreshing bath, Wash and take good care of the skin, and then transfer the patient back to bed or wheelchair to go out for ventilation and distraction.

If the elderly want to defecate, the patient or the elderly can be lifted to the toilet with a sling with a toilet hole. The patient and the elderly can defecate independently, which improves the quality of life and dignity and reduces the workload of nursing staff. For more product details of the shifter, please feel free to contact us.

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