Elderly Intensive Care

Senile critical illness is caused by aging, which leads to a variety of pathophysiological changes, such as multiple organ dysfunction, low immune function, poor nutritional status and so on.

Clinical Manifestation:Dyspnea,High-risk chest pain, Coma or disturbance of consciousness.


How to carry out nursing care for elderly critically ill patients?

The nursing of critically ill patients is a nursing system with great difficulty,Mainly from the following aspects:

(1)Maintain Patient Hygiene

(2)Safety Nursing

(3)Prevent Colds

(4)Good Oral Care

(5)Good Skin Care

(6)Passive Limb Training

(7)Keep Breathing Clear

(8)Supplement Nutrition And Water

(9)Mental Nursing

Lying Down Shifter

Lying down shifter is a nursing equipment to help patients with severe diseases and patients whose spine can not bend or sit up safely and smoothly. It can be used for short-distance displacement, weighing, rehabilitation training and walking.


Sitting And Standing Shifter

Sitting and standing shifter is mainly a nursing device to help disabled people move barrier free. It is used for short-distance displacement and rehabilitation nursing of patients. Realize barrier free and safe transfer between bed, wheelchair and toilet.


Domestic Aging Situation And Pressure

In 2020, there will be about 260 million people aged 60 and over, accounting for about 18.70%. The rise of the aging population means that the process of population aging in China is accelerating.

The elderly itself is a vulnerable group in society. With the continuous growth of age, their immune function will gradually decline, and their physiological function will begin to deteriorate. Alzheimer's disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, rheumatism and so on are common diseases in the elderly.

In China, 75.8% of the elderly aged 60 and over are troubled by one or more chronic diseases, and one person suffers from a variety of chronic diseases. Chronic diseases have become the main reason for the disease burden of the elderly in China. Chronic diseases cause great physical and psychological damage to patients and affect their ability to work and quality of life due to their long course and prolonged illness.

With the aging situation becoming more and more serious, the scale of semi disabled elderly groups in China will gradually expand. How to deal with the disease burden brought by aging is a big problem worthy of consideration by the whole society.

Lying Down Shifter
Realize safe and stable transportation of severe patients

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