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Nursing shift aids for the elderly,Nursing shift machine

The nursing shift aids for the elderly can assist the rehabilitation of injured patients, compensate the nursing ability of nurses, and compensate the environmental facilities of the elderly and the disabled.

1月 13, 2022
BY admin
Nursing shift machine

The most basic "in, out and wash" of elderly care operation and "sleep, move and enjoy" of care operation need to realize the transfer of disabled elderly people. However, one-to-one care realizes the transfer of disabled elderly people, which has become the nursing behavior with the greatest labor intensity and risk. In order to reduce the risk of disabled elderly leaving bed, going to bed, going to the toilet and taking a bath, most of them choose to give up the transfer. Nursing shift aids for the elderly can compensate the nursing ability of caregivers, which is a good choice to realize one-to-one nursing.

Nursing shift AIDS, also known as nursing shift machine, refer to the instruments that have functional compensation, functional compensation and enhance the ability to adapt to the environment for the elderly and the disabled. It is suitable for improving the independent living ability of the elderly; The disabled realize self-care, return to society and professional reconstruction; The nursing facilities have the function of compensation for the elderly patients, and also have the function of supporting the rehabilitation of the elderly patients.

I believe that in real life, we will encounter many disabled elderly people who are bedridden. They have not left bed since the day they enter the nursing home, and some are only possible to leave bed when they need to be hospitalized. Disabled elderly: "I haven't been down for five years, so I can't get down…" caregiver: "we also want to let the elderly get down or ride in a wheelchair, but the risk is too high and there are no conditions…" the same is true for the elderly who are bedridden at home. Most of them are partners as caregivers, but the partners can't transfer their bedridden wives manually because of their old age, Only when the children go home during the holidays can they put their wife in a wheelchair and have a good bath.

In view of the common phenomena encountered above, this product can solve this problem well. This nursing shift aid for the elderly is mainly aimed at the elderly who need to shift, cannot move themselves or lack of nursing power. Through the shift, they can get out of bed, go to bed, take a wheelchair, go to the toilet, take a bath, etc. Elderly care transfer aids are necessary aids for institutional and family elderly care, which can realize the safe transfer of the elderly. The styles are as follows:

01) power storage shifter: it can take off and land about 60 times after charging once;
02) manual hydraulic shifter: manual hydraulic rod, no effort, smooth take-off and landing;
03) plug in shifter: plug in / storage dual-purpose. It supports lifting up and down about ten times without plug-in;

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